The TGFF Team works together, with the knowledge that each member of the team plays a significant role in governing, managing, and adhering to the donor’s intent. “Build a vehicle that can provide fun and sound reason to hold the Family together; who can jointly do more for each other and for others than any of us can do alone” – Albert Gibney; Official Donor’s Intent

Tracy Wasden
Tracy Wasden, President and CEO

As CEO of The Gibney Family Foundation, Tracy oversees the operations of a narrowly focused mission. She intuitively sees opportunity to grow the Foundation in perpetuity, engages the next generation as future leaders, and brings the family together grounded in values. Tracy strives to give the Foundation a credible voice with partners in the field and leads a team who works hard to stay current on strategic initiatives.


Sue DiFatta, COO
Sue DiFatta, COO

As COO Sue is an inspirational leader who incites action. She is grounded in information that best supports the Foundation, while helping to oversee major strategic outcomes. Sue leads mainly by example, bringing balance and expertise in legal, organizational, and corporate aspects critical to running a smooth family philanthropic foundation. Sue also serves as the Foundation’s Corporate Secretary.

Brian DiFatta, Treasurer
Brian DiFatta, Treasurer

As Treasurer, Brian is committed to his fiscal stewardship of the Foundation. By helping oversee wise investment, accounting, and financial practices, Brian continues to play a pivotal role within the Foundation. He reaffirms his commitment by serving in other capacities such as a TGFF Board member and on the Investment Committee. 

Our Board of Directors

Today, The Gibney Family Foundation is still very much a family foundation with a new generation of family members lovingly carrying on the legacy. The board is comprised of family and professionals with diverse backgrounds. Together, they dedicate themselves to fulfill the Foundation’s mission and vision.

Member Directors

  • Joan Whittaker
  • Sue Young
  • Frank Gibney
  • Tracy Wasden
  • Sue DiFatta


  • Ken Wasden, Board Chair
  • Brian DiFatta, Treasurer
  • Jenn Boyd
  • Molly Whittaker
  • Rob Samsel
  • Celeste Beazer
  • Mallory Bair
  • Natalie Hansen

Our Grant Officers

Gibney Family Grant Officers are comprised of family members who wish to become more involved with the Foundation.  The review process is as unique as our application process; being that we carefully consider and work with applicants and their sponsors individually.  Using this approach, TGFF builds relationships as well as empowers organizations to reach their goals.

Grant Officers

  • Frank Gibney
  • Chris Whittaker
  • Diane Muhr
  • Tracy Wasden
  • Sue DiFatta
  • New Grant Officers to be announced