Technology grant to support kids learning

LEWISTON, ID – The Northwest Children’s Home will soon have top of the line technology, thanks to a generous Idaho foundation.

The home that houses 70-to-80-kids was just awarded a $100,000 grant by The Gibney Family Foundation.

Director of Development Erika Allen said this type of generosity will make a world of difference in the way teachers teach. The money will fund five smart-classrooms at the home.

“Interactive white boards that are synced to computers,” said Allen. “In addition to that the kids will be able to utilize clickers iPad. Personalized technology to help out enhancing their learning experience. In addition to that the teachers will be receiving enhanced training.”

The money will be given out over the next two-years,, with the first check for $50,000 given this September. The foundation hopes their gift will spark other donors to do the same, making smart-classrooms at the education center in downtown Lewiston a possibility as well.
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