Small Changes Make a Bright Difference

We love to make an impact with our grantees, but sometimes that path takes us into new directions. When we recently went on a sight visit to CReATE, (Citizens Reutilizing Assistive Technology Equipment)  we anticipated helping with their programs to help more Utahans become  independent and mobile again. Upon our arrival,  it was instantly obvious how dark and difficult it was to accomplish their mission.  The workshop only had a few working lights and no windows! It was clear the best way to make an impact would be to help them become more efficient, organized and enjoy working in their space.  A small mini grant was funded and with the completion of the project, Tom Boman, Project Coordinator stated,  “The more pleasant environment has made visiting the shop a more positive experience for all. Clients, volunteers, and partners have all noted the improvements. The lighting is a reflection of a conscious effort to improve the program and this positive change is obvious to all those who visit the shop.”

We were happy to help and CReATE’s future looks brighter than ever. To learn more and be inspired by their mission, watch the video below.