Man walking with a white cane


Partnering with others to develop sustainable resources for organizations that foster independence, primarily for those who are blind.


Sustainable Solutions for Independence

What Makes TGFF Different

The Gibney Family Foundation puts the grantee at the center of its philanthropy partnerships.  TGFF has an individualized approach:  we work one-on-one with grantees to build sustainable solutions through non-profit programs and people we serve.  A recent article published in Grantmakers for Effective Organizations, states “grantmakers that are more connected to their grantees—those that have an ear to the ground—are more likely to provide the support that nonprofits need to be successful; they are five times as likely to offer capacity-building support and two times as likely to offer multiyear support. We also know that tapping the knowledge and perspective of grantees and community members builds trust and helps shape more-effective solutions.”

TGFF has been told time and again our approach “is different than most.”  TGFF has core values that inspire family to do more than just sponsor a grant.  TGFF strives for impact, and wants to empower our partners.  We do this by personally helping our partners through the grantmaking process, effectively communicating with grantees, and building authentic relationships. We firmly believe we can do more together than any one of us can do alone.  As a family foundation, TGFF is proud to say we build trust and listen to the needs of our grantee’s to achieve more effective solutions with our partners.