The Gibney Family Foundation was incorporated in Sarasota, Florida on August 23, 1991.

The concept of being part of a Private Foundation was new to our family twenty-five years ago. Initially, the Foundation members consisted of Al Gibney and his three children; Joan, Sue and Frank. There are now forty plus family members involved with TGFF spanning several generations.

Seeking to make a difference and achieve an impact within a community, Al knew TGFF needed a narrow focus. The blindness cause was chosen as the focus for TGFF because Al Gibney’s mother & sister were inspired by Helen Keller and they dedicated their philanthropic interests toward translating kids’ books into braille.

Additionally, the four original founders agreed to honor that the money was preserved by our ancestors for a greater cause.  They further honor their cause with a Commitment to preserve at least 50% of the Grant making to support blindness.  The remainder balance of funding is to foster the passion of TGFF family grant sponsors.  Pursuing individual passions gives family the energy and interest to keep The Gibney Family Foundation alive thus creating “Sustainable Solutions for Independence,” TGFF’s vision, for all kinds of folks who might benefit.

Today, our actual support for the Blind and Visually Impaired Community is over 70% of our Grantmaking. TGFF Family has embraced its narrow focus, and has incorporated annual service projects, that include folks who are blind and visually impaired, as part of our Family Foundation Annual Meeting.

TGFF is happy to report that family involvement is what has preserved Al Gibney’s vision. We strive daily to involve, invest, and inspire those who we partner with and ourselves.
-Frank Gibney