Technology grant to support kids learning

Northwest childrens homeLEWISTON, ID – The Northwest Children’s Home will soon have top of the line technology, thanks to a generous Idaho foundation.

The home that houses 70-to-80-kids was just awarded a $100,000 grant by The Gibney Family Foundation.

Director of Development Erika Allen said this type of generosity will make a world of difference in the way teachers teach. The money will fund five smart-classrooms at the home.

“Interactive white boards that are synced to computers,” said Allen. “In addition to that the kids will be able to utilize clickers iPad. Personalized technology to help out enhancing their learning experience. In addition to that the teachers will be receiving enhanced training.”

The money will be given out over the next two-years,, with the first check for $50,000 given this September. The foundation hopes their gift will spark other donors to do the same, making smart-classrooms at the education center in downtown Lewiston a possibility as well.
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VABVI receives the final pledge payment of $500,000 from TGFF

From VermontBiz WebsiteVision Center VABVI

The Vermont Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired (VABVI) has received the final payment of a large donation from The Gibney Family Foundation. Under the current direction of CEO Frank Gibney, The Gibney Family Foundation – founded in 1992 to develop sustainable resources for organizations that foster independence, particularly for those who are blind – has lead VABVI’s “Expanding Horizons” capital campaign with an unprecedented $500,000 gift.

The Gibney Family Foundation Sight Center opened in February 2009. Thanks to the challenge grant that The Gibney Family Foundation issued, VABVI raised a record $2,000,000 for its new office. This fantastic gift challenged other Vermonters to support VABVI’s mission– to enable Vermonters with vision problems, whether blindness or impairment, to achieve and maintain independence. It not only placed The Gibney Family Foundation as the top donor for VABVI’s ambitious capital campaign, but also demonstrates the Gibneys’ leadership abilities as they continue to set a prime example for other donors who give to our agency.

Their generous offer is not merely the result of The Gibney Family Foundation’s long-standing partnership with VABVI. It also exemplifies the Gibney family’s recognition of how vital this organization is to Vermonters with visual impairments. They are aware of what our programs and services mean to our clients, as well as what they will mean to our future clients. As the Baby Boomer generation reaches its golden days, Vermont can anticipate a sharp rise in age-related eye conditions, such as macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. The Gibney Family Foundation has shown that they want to ensure VABVI’s ability to meet future demands. We would therefore like to extend our sincere gratitude, from the Vermont Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired to The Gibney Family Foundation: Together fulfilling dreams of independence for the visually impaired.

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SNAPS thanks TGFF for service

Over 40 members of the Gibney Family Foundation gathered in Boise for a service retreat to benefit SNAPS, Inc. and it’s youth programs. Their makeover mission: to create an inviting loft space within the newly relocated SNAPS office. The loft will be used by mentor/mentee pairs in the Youth Empowered to Succeed (YES) Mentor Program, which serves teenaged youth living in foster care.

TGFF adults, youth and children applied vinyl lettering to form inspirational wall decor, created multi-dimensional backing for portraits, painted a magnetic chalkboard for captioned snapshots of mentor activities, installed a study counter for the computer lab, blinds, and shelving in a storage area, and repurposed a credenza as a TV and storage stand. Grant funding from TGFF will fund the beautiful leather furnishings and makeover supplies used to create this colorful loft as well as the study and entertainment elements incorporated in its design.

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THANK YOU GIBNEY FAMILY! Our mentor pairs will LOVE the new space! It will provide a vibrant space for friendships to flourish in the coming years.


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Supporting VisionServe Alliance

Press Release:

“The Gibney Family Foundation of South Burlington, Vermont, and First Nonprofit Foundation of Chicago, Illinois, jointly awarded grants to VisionServe Alliance of St. Louis, Missouri, to expand the vision rehabilitation workforce and help provide life-changing services to people who are blind or visually impaired.

We are deeply grateful to The Gibney Family Foundation for its generous grant of $75,000 over three years and First Nonprofit Foundation for its challenge grant of $25, 000,” said Roxann Mayros, President and CEO of VisionServe Alliance.

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